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Wednesday, 15 December 2010


But, excepting Deborah who is giving me the award, my recent discoveries in blogland are not individuals. So as to be able to thank Deborah I have adapted  the rules:
  1. Thank and link back to the person giving the award.
  2. Share 8 things about myself!
  3. Forward the award to 8 crafters recently discovered.
  4. Contact the 8 people involved and tell them about the award.
Things About Me
  1. I'm less than 5ft tall.
  2. I don't like chocolate.
  3. A box of 72 Derwent coloured pencils were my prized possession as a teenager.
  4. I trained in the Hotel & Catering Industry & have worked in the Accounts, Housekeeping, Kitchen, Restaurant, Reception & Reservations sectors in & around London.
  5. I learnt to read & write when I started school at the age of 7.
  6. I learnt English by reading Enid Blyton books.
  7. I am looking forward to watching some Russell Crowe DVDs with my husband over Christmas.
  8. Until a few years ago I celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve - the Swedish way opening presents when it became dark in the afternoon.
Recent Discoveries in Blogland


Lorraine said...

this is a great award for a great lady i didn't know you were less than 5 foot my little mum is 4 foot 11 inches bless her you must be about the same size.
What a wonderful way to learn emglish too reading these wonderful books.
You so deserve this award and in many more ways than one xx

sallysbitz said...

Congrats on your award, show it with pride, well deserved xx

Annie said...

congratulations on your award Paula! well deserved. hope you are keeping warm - is the snow back yet?
hugs, annie x

Wendy Ramlakhan said...

Congrats on your award, it is most deserved!! I just loved reading your list and learning more about you. I would have never thought you to be less than 5 foot tall. I had imagined you taller than me (5'4") for some reason. LOL I hope you and Richard have a wonderful Christmas together.

Big BIG Hugs!!!