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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

An update from under dust & disarray........

.....midst extra bookshop duties & helping my husband with the house renovations.

I'm certainly very thankful for the extra hours in the local secondhand bookshop as these have enabled me to replace my broken Cuttlebug with a Big Shot, & to purchase a greater selection of cardstock, Spectrum Noirs & ProMarkers so that I can make a proper comparison between these alcohol markers plus Copics.

The house renovation is proving a much longer process than expected & my husband who is bearing the brunt of it badly needs more help from me - at present we are removing the 30 or so years old carpet throughout the house & de-gripper rodding plus de-tacking & thoroughly cleaning the boarding prior to having new carpets fitted.

We also need to de-clutter the attic to enable better access for wiring repairs & mice control. Our piece of woodland beyond the fenced off lawn area (see photo) means that the woodmice are sorely tempted by our warm loft insulation during the winter months & scamper over the lawn despite the best efforts of the owls & buzzards etc..... The mice do not like our sonic deterrant but in their haste to escape it they jump between the rafters dislodging insulation material & necessitating our easy access for its replacement.

I'll leave you with some photos of my rearranged craft room.........
enter through the hallway
standing in the doorway looking in
turning clockwise round the room
looking towards the door with it closed
& the final corner
Our completed fireplace - we managed to source some reclaimed bricks & a large slab of black slate which was cut to size & sealed with a special sealant after the whole was completed

All my photos are clickable for enlarging. If you wish to see what the fireplace looked like as the builders began work in August, see this post.