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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

An update from under dust & disarray........

.....midst extra bookshop duties & helping my husband with the house renovations.

I'm certainly very thankful for the extra hours in the local secondhand bookshop as these have enabled me to replace my broken Cuttlebug with a Big Shot, & to purchase a greater selection of cardstock, Spectrum Noirs & ProMarkers so that I can make a proper comparison between these alcohol markers plus Copics.

The house renovation is proving a much longer process than expected & my husband who is bearing the brunt of it badly needs more help from me - at present we are removing the 30 or so years old carpet throughout the house & de-gripper rodding plus de-tacking & thoroughly cleaning the boarding prior to having new carpets fitted.

We also need to de-clutter the attic to enable better access for wiring repairs & mice control. Our piece of woodland beyond the fenced off lawn area (see photo) means that the woodmice are sorely tempted by our warm loft insulation during the winter months & scamper over the lawn despite the best efforts of the owls & buzzards etc..... The mice do not like our sonic deterrant but in their haste to escape it they jump between the rafters dislodging insulation material & necessitating our easy access for its replacement.

I'll leave you with some photos of my rearranged craft room.........
enter through the hallway
standing in the doorway looking in
turning clockwise round the room
looking towards the door with it closed
& the final corner
Our completed fireplace - we managed to source some reclaimed bricks & a large slab of black slate which was cut to size & sealed with a special sealant after the whole was completed

All my photos are clickable for enlarging. If you wish to see what the fireplace looked like as the builders began work in August, see this post.


saturated canary said...

WOW!! looks like you have been super busy!! I've checked back here a few times and wondered where ya went;)!

I know all too well about the mice...sometimes I lay in bed and hear them running in the ceiling. I smack the wall behind my pillows...but they are not afraid of my pathetic attempts to scare them into silence!!:)...It's just part of living by big open fields and farmland.

Your craft room is so neat and tidy!! I love seeing other ladies crafting areas!! Such a fun post!:) And you have a nice window in there-- I'm a bit jealous of that. :) Looks like you get a lot of natural light! (Good for photos!!:)

Lovely fireplace! Hmmm...looks so cozy!:) I think they add so much to a room's appearance and warmth!

Thank you for all your sweet comments...glad to finally be able to say hi to you!! Have a lovely week, dear friend!

hugs! k

weewiccababe said...

gosh, I did wonder why you hadn't been blogging - no wonder. the fireplace looks fantastic and wow at that gorgeous piece of slate

Sandra said...

Paula you've been so busy! That fireplace was well worth the effort and I have "craft room envy"! I may put some of my pics of mine up soon but I'm so messy!!!Enjoy your Big Shot - I love mine. Sandra

Aquarius said...

Welcome back to blogland Paula - hopefully we will see some of the creations you produce in your wonderful craft room. It is so organised and TIDY - certainly puts my chaotic area to shame but I am planning a sort out because I've got to the stage of wasting time searching for things! Thanks too for sharing the pictures of your new fireplace - I don't envy you taking up carpets and replacing them though. I always appreciate your considered comments on my blog - thanks.

jackiescrafts said...

Hi Paula it's good to see you back blogging again and I'm looking forward to your comparisons between the different alcohol pens
Your craft room is so neat and tidy you put me to shame lol
I love your fireplace and the piece of slate is fab and your fire will be very cozy this winter. It is a wood burner isn't it? We had one at our previous home don't know what we would have done without it especially last winter

Jackie x

Debgem said...

Hi Paula - great to see what you've been up to. I absolutely love the slate and brick fireplace - just lovely! Your craft room is super - and tidy too! Enjoy the Big Shot - looking forward to seeing some crafty creations soon! Hugs, xx

craftimamma said...

You've certainly not been idle Paula. Your craftroom is wonderful and, as has been mentioned a couple of times, very tiday. Will it stay that way I wonder, lol! The fireplace looks gorgeous with it's beautiful piece of slate.

I have rather a soft spot for mice and although we only have a small garden there is a big field at the back and we often get mice in our shed but luckily not in the house ........... so far. I would be really quite sad if we did and then had to get rid of them.

Thanks for your much appreciated comments on my blog Paula. You often make me see things in my projects that I've not thought about consciously which I find really useful.

Lesley Xx

Lorraine said...

yay you got it so pleased for you hun and i am looking forward to seeing you use it on your projects too i am always thinking of you and i hope you are happy and well your a true friend take good care
Lorraine xx

Elizabeth Allan said...

Love your craft room and to see where all the magic begins. Beautiful fireplace. I can picture you enjoying a cup of tea and a good book in front of it.

kath said...

good luck with the renovations...the fireplace looks brilliant and love the new craft beads tonight Paula...just a glass of wine with the TV...big hugs kath xxx

xxxtglxxx said...

Oh My Goodness Paula! :) How neat and tidy does your craft area look now! Fabulous workspace. We too have trouble with field mice, but better than a sonic deterrent in our house is blasting Gary Numan and Depeche Mode so loud it shakes them out! I visualise them scampering across the hills with their paws over their ears! lol :)

The sheep and cows never look too impressed with our playlist either! ;)

Glad you have replaced your die-cutter, I cant imagine life without mine.

Looks like you have had a busy summer - I think I might have preferred renovations to endless visitors though tbh! :D lol!!

have a smashing sunday



Kathryn said...

Oh you poor thing, it's awful being upside down :( still the fire place is stunning I love it xx

GinaA said...

Lots of work but it will all be worth it in the end. Your craft room is so neat and tidy, mine only looks like that for about 2 mins then I start something else and the whole place is upside down. Keeping the unwanted visitors out of the loft can be a headache. Our last lot was a huge wasps nest, thank goodness they have not been back this year.
Keep up the hard work and you will get there eventually, just think how georgeous it will be.


Lorraine said...


Pink Dandelion said...

Wow Paula you have been busy. Love your new fireplace, the slate hearth is gorgeous. Loved having a nosey around your craft room. Thanks for all the lovely comments you leave me. Debs xx

Claire said...

Hi Paula, just having a minute catching up on some blog hopping. Your craft room looks fab, so organised and I love your fireplace. Good luck with the mice, I had problems with them after one got in our utility room - I made a big mistake of feeling sorry for it and fed it some Fruit and Fibre. I think he must have told the entire local mouse community lol. Good luck with the marker comparison, I haven't tried the spectrum noir but heard some unfavourable feedback so it will be interesting to see what you find
Good luck with the work on the house
Claire xx

Giò said...

Hi Paula!!! You are really busy!! I know that the house renovations are very demanding and hard, I totally understand, but when the house rinovations are finished the result is the best prize!!!
Your craft room is really nice and organized and I love your fireplace.
Have a nice evening.
Hugs, Giò