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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Tools for the Job in Hand

In December 2006 we moved into a 1970s bungalow which was badly in need of updating. We have finally arrived at the lounge & the fireplace & with the builder having a slot starting this week work has begun. It is proving quite educational & I can see parallels with crafting techniques so thought I'd share some thoughts here.

Clearing some space
Around a thousand of my husband's books are shelved either side of our fireplace. These had to be removed as well as the shelving.

I like to start off with a space roughly 3ft x 15ins on my work counter where I have a glass mat & my Sor-Pal next to one another.

The right tools for the job in hand
This is what the builders used to cut through the concrete aggregate (breeze-blocks) of our walls. It creates a noise which is incredible & creates phenomenal clouds of dust. Our workmen looked like they had had bags of flour thrown at them. An ordinary power drill is just not tough enough for the task.

Similarly I like to use Tim Holtz's scissors for cutting out rubber & plastic as ordinary scissors really struggle to cut cleanly.

The right materials with which to build/create
This is one of the lintels (reinforced concrete with steel rods down the middle) being placed across the fireplace.

I use Glossy Accents to adhere heavier embellishments with - I know they will not fall off.

Two holes were made from the front, then one from either side of the chimney breast & the space between cleared for the first lintel to be inserted. This will initially take the weight of all that is above.

Similarly before I heat emboss I will wipe my cardstock with an anti-static pad to stop stray particles of embossing powder sticking & being embossed in addition to my stamped image.

Clearing Up

above was the appearance at lunch time & below after work finished for today I have to admit that I do not tidy everything away for the night when I am crafting but I am the only one who uses my space.


GinaA said...

Hi Paula,
I love the way you are comparing your crafting to the building work. Sounds like you are having a lot of fun (sorry - mess!!)It will be worth it in the end.
Happy Cleaning - no - Happy Inking

saturated canary said...

this is a fun post:) and so true! how exciting for you, to get some home updates!! ...and i never clean up my desk. it's a terrible shame, bc it's right in the living room:). oh well...i'm the only one who uses it too:)! so gonna steal your excuse and see if hubby is ok with that one:):)...

have a lovely day! hugs!

Aquarius said...

What interesting comparisons - thanks for sharing some of your chaos with us but I'm glad it's only coming to me in pictures and not in reality!! Take care

Sandra said...

Hi Paula, this brings back memories! We bought a 1940's bungalow (in 1987) that had some 1970's "modernisations"! We are still working on ours as lots of alterations over the years as the family expanded - a bit like my crafting area, from a box in the cupboard to a soon-to-be craft room! Would love to see your "after" pics and love the comparisons.

xxxtglxxx said...

Hi Paula :) Really fun post and what a big job!

I dont know how you coped with the noise and mess (unless you got taken somewhere wonderful for the day!). My dad is to have his central heating replaced in a few weeks and I am not looking forward to that at all!

I was so relieved to read to the bottom of the post and see a picture of it all looking tidied up!! When we moved into our house it didnt have half its floorboards, walls were missing etc and we fitted a coal stove and solid fuel central heating, but it was well worth it in the end! :)

Have a great day,



Lorraine said...

wow Paula i would cry if i had to clean this up lol but when finished it always looks so beautiful.I hope you are well i will email you soon for a chat maybe on the 5th not sure why that paticular date stands in my head lol do you know?
take care xx

jackiescrafts said...

Hi Paula,
I love how you are comparing your building work to your crafting you are far more creative about it all than I was when we had the builders in3 years ago

Jackie, colouring 101

~ Ali Watson ~ said...

Oh my Paula! You know Paula you always always make me smile. thank you for ALL the wonderful comments you leave on my blog. I really do look forward to them.

Ali x

weewiccababe said...

what fantastic observations Paula - and hope the builders are finished soon, they're very tidy

saturated canary said...

thank you for your faithful comments on my blog:). i pop over here each day...hope your headaches haven't returned!

thinking of you lady! xo