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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

MCC Colouring 101 Wk 1 - Water Based Markers & Watercolours

from my sketchbook

Stamp: Elusive Images (Chocolate Baroque) UA5SP0327 Seadragon
Inks: Memories Black (image), Tea Dye Distress Ink (inked edges) 
Colouring: Whispers Strokes Pens (left), Cotman Pan Watercolours (right)
Initially I selected a large flower to colour but after several attempts with the Whispers Pens resulted in blotchy flat colouring I realised that once again I'd picked an unsuitable image for the medium/technique - it is one thing to copy the image/image type exactly but selecting one's own is another matter. A flat accumulation of penstrokes ensued when I tried shading the individual crenallations to give depth but I was rather pleased when I tried the above shading: dark to light from the bottom of each foliage tier/layer.

The numbering system of the Whispers Pens is my own as I now find it impossible to colour without having an idea of how the colour appears on cardstock as opposed to the cap. I used the sticky labels available at any stationery supplier, wrote the number by hand & cut to an appropriate size.


GinaA said...

Hi Paula, I have a set of the Whispers pens and use them quite a lot, however the watercolours you have used are much more vibrant. The graduation is good on both types of card and media. I know what you mean about the ink not corresponding to the pen caps, I end up trying the pen out on scrap each time I get them out, don't think I am dedicated enough to lable them all. Thank you so much for your tips, and for you comments on my blog.

Aquarius said...

These are both lovely Paula and like you I wouldn't have chosen to colour direct with water-based marker pens of this type but amazingly it actually works doing it as Glenda suggested. It certainly seems a good plan to match the image to the colouring medium or vice versa. I tried something with a large 'open space' and it just didn't work.

Lorraine said...

wow your colouring here is amazing i love how the green and yellows blend so well into each other im still trying to get this right thx so much for doing this post its so useful and i hope your ok huni email me if you need me ok xx

xxxtglxxx said...

Hi Paula :) Again a brilliant post to show not only your progress and workings on your colouring course, but also educational for us too! :D Its like partially doing the course with you :)

Very enjoyable to read, and also lovely to see your colouring.

Love the image, and I like the colours achieved by the Whisper pens. I have a set of these that were my mums, and I agree about the numbering (or lack of). The lids can look identical though the pens are different, so well worth doing this.

have a great day,



Kathy said...

Wow Paula they both are beautiful then you point out the shaded one and the color really comes through. Beautiful work :) Thanks for sharing in great detail. Hugs,kathy