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Sunday, 18 December 2011

A Question of Blog Following

I am in the process of deciding which blogging platform to use & one of my main criteria is how easy it would be for people who wish to to follow my blog. I would very much value some feedback & to that end have placed a poll to the right in my sidebar.

I have been working on becoming familiar with two blogging platforms & need to choose which one to pursue as I want to be able to concentrate on colouring & getting my fingers inky.

Thank you for any help or comments you might wish to leave.

Edited 12 December
Having initially set the poll for a couple of days only from yesterday I realised the time span was too short so have reset it for a week leaving this post (I hope!!) as a "sticky" 11-18 December. 
This is proving very interesting indeed & moreover extremely helpful - THANK YOU.


jackiescrafts said...

This is a tricky one as I guess everyone will have different ideas, i've voted for via the blogger following button which is my preferred method but I am also starting to use the RSS feed but I am very new to this method
I hope you get a good response to your poll Paula and that it helps you come to a decision

I'd like to tai this opportunity to wish you and yours a Very Happy Christmas and a Peaceful 2012
Jackie x

Deborah Frings said...

Paula - this will be interesting. I find that Blogger works really well for me.

saturated canary said...

voted;)....but I'll follow you however:)


xxxtglxxx said...

I voted :) But I too will follow you whichever way you go Paula! My interent obviously has its limitations and twitter/FB and RSS type things are a little bit awkward for me. I do follow 2 blogs via email tho.

Try not to stress too much about it, do whatever suits you the most - its your blog hun! :)

Thanks so much for your lovely caring comments, we have had a few adventures this last week, but the weather seems to have settled a little for now. We went to see Handels Messiah tonight at the new Perth Auditorium, was utterly brilliant! :)

Hope you are keeping well too my friend :)

Have a smashing week,



Aquarius said...

I've placed my vote - don't 'do' twitter and not quite sure what RSS feed is so you can probably guess what my vote was. In the end you should do what suits you and leaves you plenty of time to get inky.

Maria Therese said...

Tusen takk for koselig komentar i Sassy blogen ♥
Ønsked deg også en god Jul ♥♥

Elizabeth Allan said...

Just voted Paula (PEP). Can't wait to see the results.

GinaA said...

Hi Paula, I too prefer to follow via Blogger, but like your other followers will follow you whichever way you go. Don't know anything about the other methods really so whatever takes your fancy.

Note to self : Must get someone to explain how all this stuff works and keep up with the times.

Claire said...

This is really interesting Paula, the whole blog following business is very confusing for me. I thought that the blogger button and the google friend way would enable me to follow blogs through my dashboard or google reader. I love google reader but it only seems to give me updates from certain blogs so I often miss posts on blogs I'm following. So I shall watch and learn lol
Claire xx

craftimamma said...

Hi Paula, I've just added my vote to what turns out to be the favourite so far. I have to be honest and admit that I like to follow through the Blogger button because my favourites then come up in blog posting order on my dashboard. My only problem is I need more time to be able to visit them all, lol!

You should use the option that's best for you though as your true followers will do so whichever option you choose.

Thanks for your lovely comments on my happy announcement post.

Lesley Xx

Kathryn said...

Hey Paula, Idont mind either blogger or google ....are you on twitter ??

sheila said...

I like blogger best.....I am able to see all of my fav blogs pop on a roll which is very helpful for me when trying to keep up with postings.