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Sunday, 4 September 2011

MCC Colouring 101 Wk 4 - Fantasy Colouring

from my sketchbook

Week 4 centres upon using the dynamism of the colour wheel principles for colouring fantasy images. Although I have been aware of colour theory it hasn't really penetrated into my conscious thinking until recently. It's as if my mind has somehow begun to absorb an understanding of how colours relate to one another & I find it utterly exciting. 

I love the freedom in fantasy colouring & how it is possible to trick the eye by colouring realistically in accordance with light & shade but using fanciful colours. With these examples I have continued to use maritime images - in fact images & types of stamps that I have shied away from using as I've not been confident in either stamping or in colouring them.

Stamp Chocolate Baroque UA5SP0261 Seashell Collage, Ink Adirondack Pigment Snow Cap,
Cardstock Assorted Black from stash. Colouring Faber-Castell Polychromos Pencils
I used Brilliance Moonlight White ink with Derwent Coloursoft pencils last time & found that I had to use the less smooth cardstock in order for the ink not to pool & to provide the Coloursoft pencils with some tooth. Smudging from the pencil debris was also a problem. The scenario proved very different using my recent purchase of the Adirondack Pigment Snow Cap inkpad (see the two uncoloured examples above: left - Adirondack, right - Brilliance). In addition, with little debris from the Polychromos & the much easier maintenance of a sharpened  point there was minimal smudging & I love the clarity & brightness  I was able to achieve against the black cardstock even when using dark brown & dark blue colours.
Edited Apologies - this is in fact incorrect (I was writing in the early hours of the morning) what I should have written was: see previous post for Brilliance examples & above left for Adirondack on smooth cardstock & above right for Adirondack on less smooth cardstock). It is the combination of cardstock tooth with the inkpad plus the pencils that affect the outcome.

Stamp Chocolate Baroque UA5SP0327 Seadragon; Ink Memories Black; 
 Cardstock Cotman Watercolour Paper Cold Pressed/NOT Grain Fin 190gsm
edged with Chipped Sapphire Distress Ink;
Colouring Body & Spines - Faber-Castell Polychromos Pencils with a dry paper stump & Derwent Burnisher
 Pencil for body only, Wings - Cotman Pan Watercolours 

Stamp Chocolate Baroque UA5SP0327 Seadragon, Ink Memento Tuxedo Black,
Cardstock Neenah Solar White 216gsm edged with Tea Dye Distress Ink,
Colouring Copic Markers with ProMarker Colourless Blender

I haven't quite developed the knack of slanting the camera to compensate for the shift in perspective during close-up photography of right angled shapes. 


saturated canary said...

the ship looks like it belongs in Neverland:)...So pretty! Love the bold colors you chose!! My favorite part of the post is the mermaid tail! Love how you've transitioned colors right at the is perfect.

it is really exciting, studying colors and their relationship to one another-- even to our moods and perceptions! i definitely feel like it is an obvious clue to our Master Artist! and how much He loves us so much beauty that we often take for granted. like colors:).

have a great Sunday:):)...hugs!

GinaA said...

Your ship is amazing, I still have not tried that technique. Your fantasy images are so colourful, the mermaid's tail is stunning. Her skin tone is amazing as well.

Pink Dandelion said...

Hi Paula, your ship is fantastic. The Adirondak makes a great base for the pencils. Debs xx

Aquarius said...

Once again some beautiful colouring and what a difference that Adirondack ink pad makes - I've never had a successful white result before buying this one. Great choice of colours for your images.

Sandra said...

Fabulous Paula, that Mermaid's tail almost looks metallic with the shading you have achieved. Sandra

jackiescrafts said...

These are beautiful Paula, I love the effect you have achieved with that ship, the colours really stand out and a re very vibrant. Your dragon looks great and as for the mermaids tail it is stunning

Jackie x

xxxtglxxx said...

Wow, this is just amazing progress Paula, I love seeing this stuff.

Remarkable colouring on the ship, dragon and mermaid. I love fantasy images too, but its great to see how you applied those principles to the ship.

I have always wanted and meant to get a colour-wheel, but until I do, I just use whatever matches my paper! lol :D

have a great week,



PS - I did take another tumble last week - a leaky washing machine on a wood laminate floor. I skidded right across and my ankle/leg broke my fall when it crashed into the kitchen sink cupboard! :) eek. No one to blame but myself and the fact I didnt see the water.

No serious injuries, but some awful sore bruising. I am fine though ;)

Lorraine said...

oh my gosh Paula this is so beautiful your shading is out of this world ou are so clever at this xx

Debgem said...

Paula - thanks so much for sharing your work on this course - I'm really enjoying see what you do and just how stunning your work is!! I love the ship - so vibrant. And the seadragon and mermaid are wonderful. I really do hope that the course runs again - I need some help!!

Rica said...

Hi sweetie!!! Your work is stunning, beautifully it technically and the beautifully are. Every one is a priceless in it's duly priced priceless.

Heather xx

~ Ali Watson ~ said...

Wow wow and wow fantastic colouring Paula. Loving the ship however the mermaid tail is amazing

Hope you are well

Ali x

Claire said...

Another wow from me Paula. Your colouring is amazing and the colours of the ship are just so vibrant. I'm definitely going to have to invest in the snow cap white inkpad
Claire xx

Wendy Ramlakhan said...

The depth you have given the mermaids tail is striking. And your coloring of that ship with the pencils is just AMAZING!!! When you are all finished with your should consider teaching art!!

Elizabeth Allan said...

Wow Paula! The shaded ship is magnificent!