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Thursday, 2 June 2011

MCC Colouring 101 Wk 4 - Colouring White Ink

I love this technique & learnt a lot in the process of working through this exercise in my fourth week of the MCC Colouring 101 Course. There really is no substitute for first-hand experience which - as I discovered - can prove quite surprising.

Glenda had mentioned that there needs to be some "tooth" in the cardstock that is used, but it wasn't until 
I tried to stamp my image & colour that I discovered quite how vitally important this is. My initial attempts were using black cardstock which was too smooth so my white ink pooled in places & when I managed to stamp an imprint I was happy with the Coloursoft pencil began to bind on itself as I started to colour. I have found this before when colouring on parchment/vellum but had assumed that it was due to the wax binding agent in Coloursoft (as opposed to the oil binding agent in Polychromos which are the pencils usually recommended for Parchment Craft), not the smoothness of the surface. 

It was also interesting to experiment with colours & see how I could blend from one colour (as in the blue anchor where I moved from a greyish blue through purples to blues & dark grey).  So to summarize my discoveries:
  • use dark cardstock with sufficient "tooth" for the ink not to slide but not so much that it leaves gaps when stamping the image
  • use a sharp pencil (a battery pencil sharpener is invaluable for sharpening soft pencils)
  • experiment with various colour combinations 

Stamps: Elusive Images UA5SP0259 Underwater (seaweed), Elusive Images UA5SP0261 Seashell Collage (anchor)
Ink: Brilliance Moonlight White
Colouring: Derwent Coloursoft Pencils


    GinaA said...

    Paula, these are lovely, and you put me to shame I have not even tried this part of the course yet, definately well worth the effort judging your samples. Favourite has got to be the blue/green fern, to me the bright blue at the end of the fronds gives the image depth where one strand curls around the other.

    Elaine said...

    Fabulous Paula!!
    I am enjoying watching your colouring techniques grow and grow! You have certainly increased your knowledge and skills. It also appears that you are enjoying the journey, which is the most important thing.

    Love Elaine xx

    weewiccababe said...

    I second everything Elaine said, absolutely stunning effects with this technique too

    Rica said...

    Hi Paula, amazing work - I love the seaweed, especially the blue and green one. I love reading about these techniques. Still getting around to emailing you lol!!
    Heather xx

    LouDotMac said...

    First of all, let my start by saying.. your eye for detail is extrodinary!! You almost got it right.. as I was stamping the stitching design down the right hand side of my TPS card, I realised I must have caught the acrylic block in the ink pad, but by that time the mistake had been made, and I certainly wasn't going to colour the image all over again *rolls eyes*. I truely appriciate the time out you take to read over my posts and leave feedback - instead of just looking at the pictures.

    Now.. onto your post! LOL! WOW!! The colouring onto black cardstock gives such a vivid affect without being too in your face! My fave is definitely the blue/purple anchor. I too would be interested to see the other effects you can achieve with different colours!!

    xo Lou Mac.

    xxxtglxxx said...

    Paula, you continue to impress me :) wow, how brilliant your technique and attention to detail is. So meticulous and a wealth of information for other to use and compare with too.

    Lovely images btw, I really like the technique and the finished effect, I also like the intensity of the colours and the seamless and flawless blending.

    Way to go my friend - you are doing brilliantly :)

    You do know I just slap a bit of colour here and there dont you, and if it takes longer than 10 mins I get bored!! :D lol. My craft, I think, is in designing my details, but yours is very definately more about the art. Keep up the good work.



    Annie said...

    you have been having fun Paula and getting fabulous results! I particularly like the blue/silver anchor colour combo.
    hugs, annie x

    saturated canary said...

    wow!! you did such a beautiful job in transitioning between hues and colors! there is really no distinct color-- just a seamless rainbow. really a fabulous effect!

    great post...makes me want to break out some colors for tonight's artwork:)!!


    Jilly said...

    Paula, your work is fabulous. I enjoyed to watch your coloring techniques grow and grow. You have certainly increased your knowledge and skills. Great color combination with awesome work.
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