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Thursday, 5 May 2011

MCC Colouring 101 Wk 1 - Inkpad Palettes & Pencils

Rather than posting lots of individual photos & typing out the information about stamps etc...... I've come to the conclusion that it would be much more time efficient if I photograph sections from my "Stamping Notebook" (the keeping of which was suggested by Glenda & whose presentation & teaching is the catalyst). All my photos are clickable for enlarging so it shouldn't be difficult to read my notes, just email me if you can't read something. I'm often told that I'm too thorough & I think too much: establishing the minimum required to get something done isn't a concept that comes easily to me.

When I wrote my last post the significance of the relationship between ink, paper & water was only just dawning but as I worked on the above I had one of those "light bulb" moments leaving me absolutely thrilled & utterly excited (see my pencilled NB).


PaulaM said...

Loving these. You are doing a fantastic job - I sure miss our chats - but you know - life is a bit on the tilted crazy!!

saturated canary said...

How interesting!...Thank goodness for thorough people! It is a good thing, Paula!:) I've learned so much from stamping ladies...and I considered myself 'the artist' :)...It's very humbling and very, very inspiring!...I love learning new techniques! And, not everyone knows how to go about those thoughts that pop up during creating something...when you wonder about paper and, how do you even figure these things out?...And then there is the girl like you who makes it clearer for the rest of us!

Cheers to thoroughness! :)


xxxtglxxx said...

Wow Paula - this is amazing work! :)

I love your attention to detail! Your comments on my blog often point things out to me about my card I never even noticed (its all fluke!) lol.

You have picked some lovely images to work with and some outstanding and interesting results.



Wendy Ramlakhan said...

You must have been a straight A student!! I love all your notes. I agree with Alison above have such an eye for detail, that you sometimes notice things on my cards that I didn't. :) However on my last card with the zig zag stitching in the paper...I knew you would notice that!! :) See? Your teaching ME to be more observant and take those tiny details into consideration when creating. :)