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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Snailing Along Again

Apologies to everyone whose blogs I regularly visit leaving comments - there seems to be a major fault with the BT cables somewhere & having believed it sorted (we had brilliant connectivity for a couple of days) we are back to almost impossible speeds.

I've spent the morning on the phone to our ISP & eliminating any internal wiring or router faults (disconnecting all phones, testing the Primary BT socket, using a different router, using a new DSL filter........) so that a BT Senior Fault Engineer can be called out without a charge of at least £99.99 to us. I have to call back on Monday to receive a definitive time slot for the visit. In the meantime I shall endeavour to enter challenges & at least leave comments where I have Wordpress email subs although my email functions aren't great either. Plain text isn't too bad but anything with a photo/picture/link or suchlike is a problem.


Lorraine said...

oh no what a nightmare huni my adobe reader has stopped working now plus the stupid virus what is it will us two lol xx

Elaine said...

Oh Dear, you are struggling aren't you Paula.
I hope it all gets fixed for you and soon.
I'm having some problems with blogger and leaving comments, but I've no idea why?

Take care
Love Elaine xx

Debgem said...

Paula - it's such a bore when the internet goes so slowly (or not at all). I remember when we first moved to Wales and dropped from 8MB to ½MB download - we nearly cried!! So I know how you're feeling now! Take care, it will be sorted eventually. Sending hugs xx

xxxtglxxx said...

Aww Paula - I reall feel for you on this! :(

I always refuse liability on BT phone lines and equipment, and argue profusely to the point they would give me a free repair visit ;)

Missing you tho!

take care