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Monday, 21 March 2011

Broadband Trouble

We seem to have a problem with our Internet connection at present - not having sufficient technical knowledge we have consulted both BT who provide the telephone line & AOL our ISP. The net result at present is a terribly slow speed & when I actually manage to see blogs/photos it is very hit & miss whether a comment I leave  is accepted or not. We shall endeavour to get some local help here in Brecon but for the meantime I'm going to be unable to visit & comment. It remains to be seen whether I shall be able to upload anything.


weewiccababe said...

fingers crossed you're back online soon - I would be demented without decent internet access, mind you I'd probably get a lot more crafting done lol

PaulaM said...

Oh no, Paula - I will miss your lovely comments and that bright spot in my day. I do hope you are able to get the problem resolved soon. Hugs

Lorraine said...

oh no i hope you get it sorted as u know my pc is poorly too xx