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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Stepper Tutorial

I could not find a Stepper tutorial that would give me 3 steps & then a back panel, moreover I didn't wish to use a piece of 12 x 12 cardstock as I don't have any & I DO have a massive selection of A4. So, this is what I came up with for last Sunday's card.

I haven't tackled any computer graphics yet so my diagrams are hand-drawn but you can click on the images to enlarge & hopefully in conjunction with the photos they will make sense. If you have any questions please just ask. I find it useful to initially make up anything new or unusual using ordinary copier paper, which is what I have used in the photos below.

1. Cut a piece of cardstock to 5 x 11½ inches.

2. With the short side to the left score vertically at ¾, 1½, 2½, 3½, 4¾, 6 & 8¾ inches.

3. Mountain fold the unbroken lines (at ¾, 2½, 4¾, & 8¾ inches).
    Valley fold the broken lines (at 1½, 3½ & 6 inches).

4. This is the basic frame which can then be decorated as desired. 

5. The 5 inch measurement can easily be adjusted as I did with mine to accommodate exactly 5 hearts so
    my width was 4 & thirteen sixteenths of an inch. The back panel I decorated & secured to the last
    step was this width & 5 inches in height.

I was mid-project on Sunday when my husband brought me a mug of coffee - confronted by the chaos on my bench he suggested I take a photo & post it on my blog, so ...........


Louise said...

Hej Paula :)
Tack för denna väldigt användbara och tydliga tutorial :)

I love the beautiful heart you added to all the steps and the stamp is such a cutie :) Stunning coloration also :)

Tack för awarden, den värmer :)


Debgem said...

Great tutorial Paula - very easy to follow and I may well have a play! I really like the card you made - so pretty!!!

I think you're very brave having a cup of coffee on your desk! I'm so cack-handed that I'd probably knock it over!!

Wendy Ramlakhan said...

LOVE this tutorial!! You did a wonderful job of explaining things. I'm going to save this for whenever I DO get around to making one of these!! :) How sweet of your hubby to bring you a cup of coffee while you're working. I however have a strict NO FOOD or DRINK policy!! LOL I just KNOW me or one of the babies will knock it over and make a mess and ruin something...or everything. Is it crazy that just looking at all of your Copic's on your desk makes me so happy?!?! :) Have a wonderful week my friend.

Lorraine said...

awesome tutorial huni thanks for sharing and i just love seeing pics of your craft room and seeing your beautiful work space and all of those gorgeous copics xx

saturated canary said...

I think your workspace looks pretty orderly!!...Maybe mine is just a REALLY bad mess;)...This was fun to read...I like that it wasn't digital, but hand-drawn...Really clear and very informative!!...Oh, and super cute result!! the hearts:)

xo, krista

xxxtglxxx said...

this looks brilliant! I love this :)

Gorgeous hearts and what a fab design of a card. I have tried a stepper card before, but it wouldnt stand up, I think it was missing the back bit - so thanks for clearing that up :)

I hope richard hasnt seen his valentines card ;) I have made so many, Dave can pick his! :D lol


TaraG said...

Love seeing your craft room, Paula, it is fabulous!!!! Fab tutorial too,hun! I just might have to give this stepped card a try since you have made such clear instructions...I think I might be able to do this!!!! Love your card too...sooooo cute!!!!