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Saturday, 27 November 2010

Icing On The Cake

I thought I'd take some photos this morning as we had our first snowfall yesterday. It is very pretty but not to be ventured out into - even the most agile of people can find themselves sitting down rather nastily as an icy patch catches you unawares.

view from our bedroom over Brecon town towards the next valley

some pretty berries outside our kitchen window

our woodland viewed from my craft room

.....and the birdbath which looks like an iced cake


Annie said...

ooo the white stuff looks so pretty! thankfully, we don't have any here in Cornwall, just frost and sunshine! enjoy your weekend and keep warm and cozy.
hugs, annie x

Debgem said...

Wow Paula!! What a beautiful sight to wake up to. Your photos are really lovely. We have some snow in Northop Hall - but no where near as much as you!! The sun is shining, the sky is blue and it's just wonderful. But I'm safely tucked up inside - off to play in my craftroom. Take care.

Donalda said...

Beautiful pictures dear. It is always so pretty to look at but sure don't like getting out and driving in it. We have cold here but no snow yet and it can stay away lol Hugs

Lorraine said...

gosh it looks beautiful although i hope we don't get any of the fluffy white stuff as i ended up on my but 4 times in one afternoon last year lol xx

PaulaM said...

OMG - Paula those pictures are just beautiful!! I agree with you though - it is for LOOKING at and not venturing out in. Oh, I DO remember the days living in the northwest and having snow and looking out and glad I was inside. We don't get snow where we are now - so I will just have to enjoy your view instead. Thanks for sharing and I hope you feel better.

Wendy Ramlakhan said...

We don't see any of that gorgeous white stuff here in Sunny Florida. My babies keep asking me when it's going to be winter time and snowy time. LOL Poor things they don't understand that it's just too hot here even though the calendar says it's almost time for Santa. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos.