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Wednesday, 1 September 2010


Late last  night I finally had some workable order - lots of fine tuning still to be done, the most crucial being to find a computer workstation so that the cumbersome gate-leg table the laptop & printer are currently on can be removed & the door can actually be closed whilst using the laptop. My husband's study is right next to my room so the door has to be shut if I want to watch a tutorial or listen to music whilst crafting, particularly if he's grappling with a difficult piece of Homeric translation.

So, we are off to Cardiff today (two hours each way by bus, but the scenery is stunning) to see what we can find & to visit the Apple Store to investigate a small laptop for me. That was my husband's idea - an extra 50th birthday present - as there are serious compatibility problems between Microsoft's Vista Operating System & the various web browsers, so I often crash whilst browsing/blogging (scroll down to the photos if you wish to avoid my Microsoft v. Apple deliberations). Sadly my 18 month old "top of the range" Dell hardware will not support Windows 7 Software. I have always used Microsoft Software so it will be a bit of a steep learning curve getting used to the Apple Operating System but there seems to be no alternative to purchasing new hardware in some form if I am to be able to utilise web-based teaching/tutorials. The advantage with Apple is that  both the Operating System & hardware are made by Apple thus avoding any of the hardware/software mismatches I have experienced with Microsoft. This is my layman's understanding - I was born before the computer generation & am largely self-taught in all computer matters. 

Looking into the room from doorway (top left), inside the room looking out through the doorway (top centre), turning clockwise round the room (top right, middle left & right, bottom left) & looking out through the doorway again but this time with the laptop in operation &  the gate-leg extended (bottom right).

By the time I'd written this up it was almost 3.00 am (so the view out of the window is in pitch darkness) but the bus leaves early & I didn't want to disappoint any WOYWW visitors.


Wipso said...

You have a really lovely crafting space.
A x

Cheryl said...

oh gosh wonderful workspace I too had a table exactly like the one you have love cheryl xxx

Lorraine said...

oh wow wow wow your craft room looks amazing you lucky thing you its so beautiful R has done amazingly xxx

Sue said...

Hi ya
wow what a lovely crafty space, lovely & tidy to,great piccies, have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,x

Andrea - Wales, UK said...

Gorgeous craft room and hope you've had a profitable journey to Cardiff today and your PC problems will be sorted.
I live about 30 mins west of Cardiff and work in Newport. Brecon is such a beautiful place, no wonder you decided to stay.

Happy creating...A.x

Doone said...

Oh BABY - you don't have to do anything as complex as actually using a MAC.... you can derive great pleasure just stroking them..and they just do beautiful things with your graphics that make you swoon and say - who would want a PC?..

Hi - I'm Donna and I'm a MAC (using a PC for now but saving up For The Real Thing)


Cath Wilson said...

Ooh, great workspace and so clean, tidy and organised! Thanks for sharing. Happy WOYWW! Cath x

Helen said...

Great workspace, how lovely. Hope you get your new computer, how exciting.

Carola Bartz said...

This looks like a great workspace. Hope you had a great time in Cardiff.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Your new room is really coming along nicely. I'm impressed with how much you have accomplished since last week. It has taken shape nicely, that's for sure. Sounds like a fun trip and a bit of shopping along with it. Happy WOYWW.

Cath said...

Love the look at your room. Good luck with the shopping trip.


Annie said...

ooo look at that space! it's got cupboards to fill, shelves to stack, a desk you can see .. .. I am seriously envious!
hope you got your laptop in Cardiff and enjoyed the scenery en route!
hugs, annie x

Anonymous said...

Love the new room, won't be long now before it's all finished. I love Brecon and have spent many happy weekends there, usually hiking in the Beacons and the surrounding mountains. Do they still string those wonderful coloured lights across the main street at Christmas time?


Morti said...

WOW - that's dedication, being up until 3am! Well done you, and thanks for sharing such a great space with us!

Rica said...

HAH!!! Tell me about incompatabilities !!!!! I have a desk top and a laptop - Windows XP and Vista - I find myself hopping between three browsers and all have their problems. Google Chrome (probably the best) often tells me "Can't connect.......", Firefox won't let me see quite a few photo's on blogs and WIE pops up so many windows I get dizzy, and don't know where the Hell I'm up to. I'm longing to know how you get on with your MAC.
Your room is coming nicely - I haven't managed the last couple of weeks - so many catastrophes last week, sliced into my finger, had my car pranged, electricity cuts, glue gun blowing up and taking out the electrics again, to name but a few. This week - 3 DT cards to be posted on Wednesday was as much as I could manage.
Hope you had a succesful shopping trip.
hugs Heather xx

JoZart said...

You'll love, adore, never leave, sleep with and hug the MAC after a little while getting to know it is the best thing you(DH) will ever have bought.
Gorgeous workspace which will be amazing when the last tweaks are done.thanks for a late peek,
JoZarty x

Linda said...

Hi! Paula, You look as if you`ve got a BIG work in progress there. Hope you enjoy all your hard labour once it is complete! If you pop over to my blog i`ve left a little something for you there. Hope to get back into the SN challenges soon. Sooo..... much been going on lately

Spyder said...

HUGE space to craft! Thanks for the snoop, sorry I'm late...Have a great WOYWW

xxxtglxxx said...

Oh my how this has come along paula! :) great stuff! Cant see what you will be creating now! ;)

good luck with the new laptop thing, it will be quite a difference! take care xxalisonxx