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Monday, 2 September 2013

Faber-Castell & Distress Stains

I continue to learn much from various art forms affiliated with stamping, & sometimes from quite unexpected avenues. I was introduced to Alexandra's work when she joined Penny Black as one of their Designers &, although I'm not a scrapbooker,  I always learn about some aspect of design, composition or a particular technique through her posts, as indeed I do from the other Penny Black Designers. Alexandra has also been a Guest Designer with Faber-Castell who have put together a prize for one of Alexandra's Followers (details are HERE).

A few months ago I mentioned the problem of mould on my Distress Stains. I was helpfully directed to THIS POST which mentions a similar problem right at the bottom of the post & that the manufacturers will readily replace any affected bottles of Stain. Apparently this was a problem that only affected the first batches of Distress Stains. After removing the mould I dabbed some test samples  onto scrap cardstock & now - ten weeks later - there is no sign whatsoever (see photo right) that there has been any contamination of my substrate. I decided not to contact the manufacturer as I understand that the initial manufacturing problems have been resolved & it's really no hardship for me to wipe off any subsequent mould from these particular bottles before I use them for anything.


Aquarius said...

Thanks for the update on your 'mouldy' Distress stains - I'm pleased to hear your test samples turned out OK because I've been using my stains and hoping for the best although I only had a small number of the first issue with others bought more recently. I will check out the Penny Black link - thanks

GinaA said...

As meticulous as ever Paula, thanks for the update. Am off to check out the links to Alexandra's work.

alexandra s.m. said...

Thank You so much dear Paula.
All the Best,

Rocky said...

Hi Paula, glad to hear your stains are OK now. After cleaning mine with anitbacterial kitchen cleaner they too are OK. Thanks for the links to more inspiration.

Elaine said...

Hi Paula,

I've not tried the distress stains so haven't been affected by this, but I had read other crafters had suffered the same situation, finding mould.

We can find inspiration from many different sources if we have the mind to look for it and take notice, which I know you always do. It's always lovely to find another site that makes you think and take on board different aspects of crafting.

Big hugs
Elaine xxx