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Friday, 12 April 2013

Woodland Management Part 2

Thank you for all your kind comments on my last post - I'd not realized it would create so much interest.

the plateau at the top of our first bank leading
up to the second bank's steps & the perimeter fence

In my previous post I briefly mentioned the birdlife we have in our garden. We often hear an owl & even a few Mallard ducks have been known to find their way (a considerable detour from the Brecon Canal) onto our lawn. Treecreepers & Nuthatches are regular visitors as are Wrens & Titmice (Great, Blue, Coal & Longtailed). Often a Robin will come to see what we're doing & during the hard winters the Blackbirds will come & wait expectantly for food which we put out. I've also glimpsed a Greater Spotted Woodpecker & the odd Goldfinch. Various members of the Crow family, including Jays, are also in evidence. An intriguing feature we discovered just at the top of the steps (where the ground starts to level into a small plateau) is an 'anvil' stone which some of the birds use to crack open snail shells - we've seen them do this on our stone terracing.

the 'anvil' stone with the tell-tale snail shell remains to the right
(about half way between the stone & the photo's edge - click to enlarge)
close-up of the snail shell remains

The hand rail was in a rather sorry state but my husband managed to find the various parts of it scattered amongst the brambles. After reassembling, sanding & treating with preservative plus wood stain it now provides something very solid to grasp whilst ascending the bank approaching our steps leading up to the gate & perimeter fence.

the approach to the perimeter fence - this was taken prior to
staining the rail & before we'd started repairing the steps
the hand rail after painting with wood stain

We didn't have to replace all of the uprights or posts but those that were sound we stabilized & treated with wood preservative plus wood stain. We also built up the earth so as to make the 'treads' more solid. 



Elaine said...

You have both done so much work to repair and restore, everything looks very ship shape, well done. You have very similar bird life to us, although we dont get the nuthatches or tree creepers, which I would love. We especially love the long tailed tits that have only recently had the courage to visit our bird tables, my OH calls them budgie tits because they are like cute little budgerigars! Elaine x

Annie said...

you have been busy - hard work but worth it too! I am guessing the woodland will have bluebells in a few weeks time .. .. they are just starting to show here in Cornwall.
hugs, annie x

Paper Creations by Shirley said...

You have such a wonderful property and the hard work has paid off in beauty. How wonderful that you can enjoy so much nature including the birds. Have a great weekend, Shirleyx

Sandra said...

Gosh Paula, I didn't realise quite how far back your garden goes!
You've both worked really hard and how lovely to have all those visitors.

Sally H said...

Well done on a great job of sorting out the access to your wonderful garden. I keep a list of birds I see from our garden. I say that rather than the birds that land in it, because the swifts swoop over it all summer but never land. we have had visits from 26 different species, which isn't bad for a garden on the edge of the city. I be you could triple that though! Hope the thrushes and blackbirds enjoyed the slugs! x

Deborah Frings said...

Paula - your garden looks wonderful and I can only imagine how lovely it will look in the summer! Your husband is a gem - working so hard to clear the ground and repair the treads and handrail.

I always knew the Wales was God's Country - and you're so lucky to live in the Brecons! Mind, I'm rather partial to Northop Hall - only a few years and we'll be home.

Hugs, Deborah x

jackiescrafts said...

Gosh Paula you have both been busy making your garden look in such great order and all that fantastic wildlife too
Jackie x

Aquarius said...

All that hard work has paid off and the woodland area is looking very well cared for and beautiful. How nice to have such a wide range of wildlife too - seems a shame that you have to leave it behind but needs must.

alexandra s.m. said...

I feel like I'm there Paula...your descriptions, beautiful pictures are such a gift for a city girl like me!
Thank You and please do continue to share...

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

All your husband's and your handwork paid off, because the trail looks delightful. Birds are not just beautiful, but fascinating to watch too. We had a Kiskadee come and steal the water retaining fiber off of a hanging basket that my wife had in the porch. She was somewhat miffed by the incident, I have to admit. LOL! Have a blessed week, Paula!

craftimamma said...

Oh Paula, your 'garden' is a wonderful place. I keep thinking how much my grandchildren would enjoy it, especially Izzy who is very much the outdoor type and loves nothing better than helping outside and getting mucky into the bargain, lol! Having said that all three of my grandchildren love wildlife. Izzy loves bugs and stuff and Alexa loves birds and will sit very quietly for ages watching them. Charlie is only 16 months but already a very experienced walker so he would just love the freedom.

Well done on all your hardwork (and I mean both of you). The garden is looking very well loved and cared for without looking 'tamed'.

Lesley Xx

Alice said...

this is beautiful, paula, i'd love something like this in my yard! so peaceful and calming. i would be sitting out there sketching, drawing, (sleeping . . . zzzzzz) it looks wonderful!

xxxtglxxx said...

Oh Paula, what wonderful pictures and posts! So many things to look at, and you have obviously both worked so hard!

I sat looking for faeries, cos I bet they live there! ;)



Heather said...

This is coming along so well, it's great to see the birds are similar to the ones we have over here. We have a couple of Greater Spotted Woodpeckers also - they are quite shy, the tiny finches are little bullies and get very cross when the other (bigger) birds arrive. We gave a lot of Pied Wagtails about but they don't come on my balcony.
I look forward to seeing your next part if you haven't worn poor 'Hobby' out!!!!

Heather xx

Anonymous said...

You've worked hard & the results are terrific.