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Saturday, 8 December 2012

The Holly.........

Some of you know that we live on a Brecon hillside with part of our garden being woodland. The photo above shows the bank rising up to the wooded area & the stump you see is what remains of one of the many holly bushes (more like trees). We're on our fifth stump now - this was the first before we managed to extract it - working on dry days & as fast as we can before the snowfalls start.

As far as artwork is concerned I've managed a couple of tangle tiles which you can see HERE.


Aquarius said...

That must have been really hard work. Your heading suggests that after ... might come 'and the ivy' which is something I'm plagued with in the garden. It grows at an alarming rate, as do most of the unwanted and uninvited plants.

jackiescrafts said...

I don't envy you taking down 5 holly trees Paula so very well done. Our garden on the edge of Epping Forrest also has woodland but ivy and brambles are our problem they grow so fast and threaten to take over
I hope you get it all done before the snow

Jackie xx

Sally H said...

Holly can be a real problem can't it? When we moved in to our house there were 4 holly trees, and now we have none left, although one stump is still in the beech hedge, where we keep a close eye in it. Those spiky leaves seemed to be able to penetrate even the thickest garden gloves!

Cathy A said...

Oh my that looks like backbreaking work Paula, I don't envy you that task!

alexandra s.m. said...

Yes, that would be quite the task! Argh!!!
Off to admiring your new tangle tiles ;-)

xxxtglxxx said...

oh gosh, that looks a sad little sight! :) lol.

Off to check out your tangling ;)