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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Cross-referencing PEP tangles Posts

Some concern has arisen over my inactivity on PEP & Paper so in future I shall be cross-referencing this blog with my PEP tangles posts.

To date (in reverse order) I have posted the following on PEP tangles:

Auraknot Twinchie
Tangled Twinchie
A New Notebook


brenda said...

Hello Paula

I've just been over to the other blog but it won't let me sigh up at the moment so will try again.

But if it's a day or two I haven't forgotten, just not so good at the moment and typing difficult.

B x

GinaA said...

Don't stress it will all work out, I wondered about doing separate posts for each activity (cards, Zentangles, photos, Digi scrapbooking etc) but have decided to keep my main blog page for all posts and do links on the other tabbed pages. Not worked out how to do it yet but I will eventually. It does keep the old grey matter working. lol

Aquarius said...

Good to know that folks were concerned at your supposed inactivity on the blog. I follow both as you know.